About Mog Mog Restaurant


Mog Mog Restaurant is located at the very heart of Koror, Palau. Our restaurant offers our customers a variety of Palauan Local Foods, Japanese and International Cuisine. We aslo serve local fresh fruit shakes. Other than our food, we provide a relaxing ambiance, quick service, with friendly and outgoing waitresses.

Our Mission


Our mission is to serve our customers to the full extent. What Makes us unique is our Seafood. Our seafood is always fresh, for instance our Mangrove Crab. We purchase crabs that are still alive and keep them alive as we place them in our tanks that are visible to our customers for selection. And upon selecting the crab, they can choose how they want their crab to be served, either steamed or sautéed, or any way a customer may want it to be served. We are the only Restaurant in Palau who keeps the Mangrove Crabs and Mangrove Shell alive. Other than our Mangrove Crab, Mangrove Shells, we also serve Fresh Fish, Lobster, Coconut Crab, Land Crab, and Sea Grapes.

Aside from Our Food Selection. We serve and use Kangen Water. (PH leveled Water). We use this Kangen to cook, and to clean our vegetables. We do this because we want our customers to Eat good, Eat right, and Eat Healthy. So Come on Down and "LET YOUR TASTE BUDS BE ENTERTAINED"!