Our Popular Dishes

Our restaurant offers a wide variety of local Palauan food and Japanese food. Here are some of our most popular dishes and are ordered regularly. You may also view the full menu for our other dishes and drinks.

  • Mangrove Crab

    Mangrove Crab

    Enjoy fresh Mangrove Crab cooked either steamed or sautéed.

    *Seasonal Dish

  • Coconut Crab

    Coconut Crab

    Fresh steamed Coconut Crab.


  • Land Crab

    Land Crab

    Cultured land crab sauted in buttered garlic. (Hot spices can be added upon request)


  • Palauan Food Special

    Palauan Food Special

    A combination of different variety of local foods like: Taro, Blsiich (Sweet taro), Tapioca chimaki, Mangrove shell escargot, Giant clam boiled in coconut milk, Hawaiian tuna poki, Ukaeb (Land crab meat baked with coconut milk), Kangkung saute, and Mangrove crab.

  • Giant Clam Sashimi

    Giant Clam Sashimi

    Slices of sweet muscle parts of local giant clams.

  • Mixed Sashimi

    Mixed Sashimi

    Slices of tuna (big eye/yellow fin) , white snapper, katsuo (bonito) and giant clam.

  • Mog-Mog Sushi

    Mog Mog Sushi

    Sushi rice with wasabi, tuna dipped in special sauce and wrap w/ nori seaweeds.

  • Kangkung Sautée (Asian Spinach)

    Sauteed Kangkung (Asian Spinach)

    Kangkung sautéed in garlic and bacon.

  • Seafood Pasta

    Seafood Pasta

    Pasta served with sautéed mangrove clams, mixed seafood, onions, green pepper and mixed with our original pasta sauce and garnished with cheese and fresh bay leaves.

  • Vongore


    Pasta with sautéed onions, green pepper, garlic, mangrove clam, butter, black pepper and garnished with cheese and fresh bay leaves.

  • Fruit Bat Soup

    Fruit Bat Soup

    Local Fruit Bat cooked in ginger, onions, lemon grass, salt and other local spices.

  • Mangrove Clam Sautee

    Clam Sautee

    Mangrove clams sautéed in garlic, green pepper and with added broth.

  • Koroke


    A blend of purple taro, sweet yellow taro, onions, head cabbage, ground pork, egg, bread crumbs and spices.